Tuesday, July 29, 2014

One Week Celebration

It's been a week since I move here and well I'm enjoying every moment right now. There were some distractions, of course, but I feel like I still can manage it and go on with everything in front of me. Living in a new place never been easy, everyone knows that, especially when everything that you left behind were not stable and you feel like if you stayed there, things will just falling apart in front of you, but then you decided to go away.
Enough with the past, I was strolling down the city with my mom and my good friend (she's also in Lasalle now taking musical theatre, and yes, she's very talented and shiiiiiz, and she's also one of those who I can really count on NGAW) and her name is Cicha. It was my first time taking a bus to Lasalle from my house HAHA and I thought it will stop like far from the campus, but then....it was just stop there, right in front of my campus. Btw, I'm officially a Lasalle student now, I have my student id YEAY. 
We also went to some places to eat but then I met this long-lost love of my life, in which I've been craving for this  for like almost a month, and yes it was this Vanilla Creme Brulee. My fav is actually that one from TWG, but this one from Bakerzin was also nice and really tasty. There's no better companion for this Creme Brulee rather than a cup of hot tea.