Monday, July 21, 2014


That feeling when you feel like you're at your lowest point. So much to take care of, too much to handle. Midnight thoughts could just kill you in a sec. Too many things that has to be done, but limited time. You don't know, will this lead you to that happiness that you've been searching for. You don't know what will come next. You surely know you will be far away from them, from Him. And what should you do? When there's no more turning back, what should you do?

What if what happened 3 years ago just jump right back in. You might not feel the same way like you used to but, what if, it will be just like 3 years ago? Are you ready for all the consequences?

To and endless thoughts of homesick and also missing you at the same time that will soon become my everyday-friend there, to every lyrics that will be played over and over again, to every forms of saying "i miss you" each and everyday.

I'm out of words.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Conquer your fear, but spare some, it might helps you to be prepared.
The best and the worst thing whom might come along,just take it easy and never take a bounce back.
It's a long way to go, the hard path to enjoy, all you need is just trust yourself.
You're not alone in this world, but you're alone on your way to chase your dreams.
Everything will change in a blink of an eye as soon as the big thing comes, believe in yourself.