Tuesday, August 26, 2014

week 4.

Who ever said that it's easy to be in an art school, f you.
It's week 4 already!! Well there are so many works to be done /God please don't give me an art block/ well, people said that we can't show that we put so many efforts in any tasks, but the result must be extravagant. It's like being a god, get it?

This course might slowly driving me crazy as fck but also will eventually make me become a better me. It was fun yet tiring at the same time, but mostly fun, and the lecturers told you about the assignments, and this course will be such a pain in the ass again. Just hope that in week 9(and13)......I'll be okay /don't want to expect anything so maybe being 'okay' will be more than enough/ /week9 is my project week and week13 is my assessment week/

White top - COS
Black Midi Skirt - cotton ink
Shoes - Nike
Bag - Longchamp