Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Almost there

The happiest day is coming!! I never thought that I could survive my highchool life, too much dramas that being played by those "kind" of people ANYWAY I'll be wearing toga this Saturday and it'll be my last time wearing my highschool uniform and meet all my highschool friends, at least until prom night, but still sad and excited at the same time.

Eventho we're almost done with our highschool life, my school being a total shhhh again, by forcing us to go to school to practice our graduation event, well you don't know how boring it is and how long it took until we can finally go home. So, I decided not to join the practice everyday, well , there are lots of more important things that I can do rather than that, lol. Okay, it's pre-graduation days so it's the perfect time to get ready for that i'm-so-happy-i'm-out-from-this-place smile. Face-and-body-care time!!!

Meet my everyday journal in 2014! I always use those pens to write on this journal because of their cute colors lol. SOOOO because I have lots of free time and I already decided where my cv and internship letter will be sent, I have much time to do some treatments. Well actually these are my daily treatments but I have a hectic school schedule sooo I often forgot to do some. Also, the graduation day is coming so I put on some additional treatments.

Hair Care

Okay as some of you know that I've been damaging my hair by using all those hot rolls like everyday and some of you been asking about am I aware of my hair's health and stuffs, and my answer is yes, I'm aware and also care about my hair's health, but I can't live without my hot rolls as well. So, I do some hair treatments beside a hair spa every month. Here are my hair care products. I use my L'oreal Elvive spray everyday, after I dry my hair a little bit and my hair still damp. It's very easy to use and very affective to repair my damaged hair. Also, I like to put on the Herbal Essences Tousling spray on my damp hair to make a not-so-curly look after I completely dry my hair. I use a hairspray from Herbal Essences because it's not a very strong hairspray and I'm not using it like everyday, I just use it occasionally. The hair mask from L'oreal also helps to smoothen your hair and repaired it at the same time. I usually use it once or twice a week. Also, don't wash your hair everyday because it will damage it, use a dry shampoo instead! Mine is from Designer Brands and I love the smell of it!


This is what I use everyday and I keep applying it on everytime I feel my skin starts to dry again. I have a very dry skin, except for my face I have a combination of dry and oily skin. That is why I need these to moisturize my skin. If you don't see any sunblocks here, it is because I'm not exposed with the sun, I'm more an air conditioner person thanks to my school, so I need more moisturizers rather than a sunscreen protection. 

Hair removal

I don't want to look like a yeti wearing heels on some events so I decided to use this. It is very affective and I'm not suggesting you to use this often, you can just use it for like some special occasions like big events and other important events, but not like every week.

Face care

Here are my face care products yeay. Everytime I got home, I wash my face and use my eksotika facial wash, it looks like a face tonic actually and it contained the same materials as facial soap so yeah. Then I use my viva milk cleanser and the face tonic. I often use the cleansing wipes when I want to erase my make ups outside my house, but still if you do that, you have to use a cleanser directly after you got home. For you who have problems with blemishes and those dark spots because of acnes, try the grease lightning by Lush, it really helps to exfoliate those dark spots. At last, I use a collagen mask once a week to keep my face fresh and well, hide all those stressful kinda face.

Lip care

No dry and pale lips on your big day. Use a lip balm which really affective to really moisturize your lips. I prefer the Lush whip stick, it moisturizes my lips BEST. I have a very very dry lips, I don't know why, is it because of hydration or its just my lips, but after I try this whip stick, no more dry cracks on my lips ever again. Also I love to use the orange lip balm that I bought from a souvenir shop in Australia, I bought it in summer time so yeah it contains vitamin c and it tastes like a real orange! Your lips also can't be pale, use a lip tint, I prefer this colour and it is from Sephora, it is not so red and so pink, it really matches my lip colour, or you can also use  a chubby stick from Clinique or Revlon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Well it's been a while since my last post but now I have more and more free time because I just finished all my exams YEAY FINALLY. 4 days from now, I'll be wearing my graduation uniform and for me, it'll be my happiest day in my school, I've been waiting for that time since my first day of highschool in that place, lol.

Soooo, okay I finally got a respond from my college, yes I already sent my fashion portfolio to Lasalle Singapore and...... I GOT ACCEPTED :') All my hardwork, those late night sleep times due to editing my works, all paid off. I got my offer letter last week and well, it is so far the best thing that I got in my entire life, and it makes my parents proud of me, finally.

On the left side it's my portfolio cover that I sent to Lasalle Singapore. The major that I take is fashion media and industry and I'm so excited for my college life. Well eventhough it's called 'college', I'm taking the Bachelor degree, not the diploma program. If you want to see my entire portfolio or want to ask about how to make a portfolio format, just contact me and be creative ;)

Also, I was busy editing a yearbook shoot for a class from grade 9, it was during intensive week before national exam well anyway I always study in day minus one so it didn't affect my study at all. Their theme was something traditional and more emphasize on the we're not following the rule and we made our version of traditional, with a silvery and golden background as a symbol of those golden years and silvery moments (??)